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September 28, 2007


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I've heard we're actually supposed to be getting an Olive Garden!

Tanya Avera

Old Navy
Bath and Body Works
PetSmart or PetCo


An Old Navy. I always said if we get an Old Navy we will have arrived. Kohl's is almost ready...and that is a good store. But, I want my Old Navy!!!!


Since you asked us to respond...I've lived in C-ville all my life, and the more traveling I do, the more I appreciate my home town. I don't think we need any more big boxes. I think we should appreciate the green space we have, like Red Top Mt Park, Dellinger Park, Etowah Mounds, etc...maybe I'm just old, but I think we should fight to preserve our environment, even if it means discouraging more development, and learn to live w/o more stores restaurants. I take the same position regarding groups using schools the facilities already in place, rather than building new boxes.


If there was a good lawyer in town, it might be nice.

Oh yes, and we could use a bank or two :)


i've heard rumors that an old navy is on the way...

jake dudley

i don't know if it means anything but i've seen an outback steakhouse blimp floating above cartersville a couple of times....

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