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October 11, 2007


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1. Jesus just didnt offend the religious crowd. If you look in John 6 at the account of the miracle of the loaves and fishes, you see where the crowd came back the next day seeking more from Jesus. After Jesus teaches in vs 52-59, many people left him including some of his disciples in vs 66. Many of these people just came to Jesus wanting another miracle but when Jesus called them to be a true follower then we see where most left. What people are offended by in your case is that you deny the sufficiency of scripture. By your actions, you think that the Gospel message needs some kind of "gimmick" to get people to come to church.
2. Jesus called people to repentance. Jesus wasnt being controversial for controversy sake. Big difference that separates what you do versus what Jesus did.
3. Let me ask you this: is there any criticism that is valid that you have received in the past? Are you above reproach? In the life of your church have you ever made mistakes in your methodology or practices?
4. Again, Jesus went to the "wrong crowd" to call them to repentance not just to "hang" with them. Isaiah 53 paints a different picture than what you say here about Jesus being magnetic. Back to John 6 where we see many disciples that left the "magnetic" Jesus because Jesus demanded more of them. You point 4 is filled with conjecture and speculation that you have very little scriptural support.


1. on many occasions. he called the religious crowd "brood of vipers" that's a snake. these jewish leaders knew the snake was a sign of satan. he ate bread from the temple and the religious leaders jumped on his case. he healed people on the sabbath. and in the end, these religious leaders wanted to crucify him. he didn't just offend them of course. he called peter satan too.

2. i agree with you that jesus wasn't controversial for the sake of creating buzz.

3. yes. i try to be. and yes.

4. we can agree to disagree.


Thank you Michael for believing in what you stand for and standing for what you believe in. We who know you understand and appreciate what you are about, and that is bringing the lost to Jesus Christ.



I like what your church is doing and what you believe in, even though I've not visited there - yet. The majority of "churches" don't want to address the issues you are (sex, alcohol, drugs). Why? I have no idea, other than perhaps these are things that "Sheep" get themselves into and it's "messy" and noone wants to clean up "sheep's mess."

It is refreshing to know that there is a local body of believers who are trying to help our children, teens, young adults, (and old folks) with their REAL problems!!!

Our youth have SO much to entice them into unwise choices and few of them are strong enough to stand up to the tremendous peer pressure they endure daily. And if they do succumb to some of these things, far too often they feel so badly about themselves that they keep making the same unwise choices; it becomes a cycle which they see no help out of. And many "adults" have done the same things and regret them.

From what I've read on your website and the PodCasts I've listened to your church is helping broken people to be whole again through the Word of God, practical applications of the Bible, and just being REAL!!!! I don't know a single Christian who is perfect, but most of them try to make you think they are, i.e. they have no problems, perfect marriage, perfect children, etc., etc. Then those of us who DO have problems get to thinking, "Well, I must not really be a Christian, because my life is a mess!"

Blessings to all of you and keep on being real. :)

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