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November 09, 2007


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Chris Reeder

hehe... "Put a brick in your toilet". Just sounds funny.


Doesn't using more paper plates mean killing the environment though? No matter what we do, we're screwed.


It's better than throwing a brick AT your toilet.


But, for real, it's put the brick in the toilet "tank."


I think it would be interesting to put a brick in the toilet, but that actually means to put a brick in the toilet "tank."

Tanya Avera

enlighten me - how does putting a brick in your toilet tank save water? just curious :)
and yeah, all of our grass is dead and my van is dirty - my husband says it's a blessing - he doesn't have to mow or wash the car - LOL!


Glad to see you've addressed this issue. Let's all pray for rain.


The brick will keep as much water from filling up the tank.


this is why people should watch Bear Grylls on Man Vs. Wild

I've seen him drink his own pee

He is the man

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