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November 07, 2007


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This is making its way around. I got a few emails about a week ago and posted the information I found on my blog. Let me know how the book is. I still won't waste my money by going to see the movie.



I agree with you. I will not go see this movie or buy the book. Michael, could you keep me posted about the book and movie? Thanks in advance!

Tanya Avera

what i've heard is that there are two other books also - and that this one is the tamest of them all. It's so funny to me how a proclaimed atheist (as this author is) feels he needs to go to such great lengths to disprove God to children.


Now all the previews for the movie is on TV. Sad thing is it really does look interesting and a lot of people will go and see it not knowing the message within. Hollywood....

Karen Lukaszewski

I won't waste my money on either the book or the movie by contributing to the success of something like this. If the movie flops maybe Hollywood will get a message. However, I doubt it but there is always hope and we gotta try.

Patrick Roberts

yeah, i wouldn’t pay the 9 bucks a head to support something overtly against God, but then again, aren’t all God-less movies basically against God? in any case, the author tried to resist God by writing this book and (suprise!) about a million people are talking more about God because of it.


Patrick, that is very true! Something positive is coming out of this at least! Good point.

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