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December 11, 2007


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sorry, this post didn't transfer over. i reposted it here, but the comments are gone. don't worry...they were probably not worth reading.


Too bad you see it as criticism, because I don't think it was meant as that. Of course as Christians we do want to see people genuinely believe in their hearts that Jesus Christ is Savior and Lord so that they might be saved. May the Lord truly save all those who hear and respond to the gospel. And bless those who share the gospel...how beautiful are the feet that carry the good news!

And you are right - we do give people the benefit of the doubt for we do not see their hearts. We take their confessions as real. We must be careful though that we do not guarantee salvation just from words said. A true Christian will live it out over time. When I was saved 13 years ago, the Lord changed me. I was a new creation! My desires changed, I loved Jesus and His word, I wanted to be with other Christians, I wanted to hear preaching and teaching of the word of God, and I didn't want to live the old sinful life anymore. This Christian life has not always been easy, sometimes it has been very difficult, but by the grace of God I have continued to follow the Lord Jesus and to seek Him and His ways. I pray that He will keep me and help me to continue to follow Him.

But the fact is that there have been people throughout the ages (and I have a number of them in my own family) who had some sort of experience, or prayed a prayer, but now they have no interest in the things of God. It is truly sad, believe me, it's heartbreaking for a true Christian to see their family members like this. They were assured that they were saved at one point in time, and now they think they still are even though they don't want anything to do with the Lord, with Christians or the things of God. Some of them go to church, but they don't believe that Jesus is God! They don't believe the Bible is the word of God. They don't believe the Gospel: that they are sinners and Jesus died to save them from God's wrath. They are just going through religious motions because they think that church attendance means you are a Christian. So it is possible to have a false conversion. The thing we must do is strike a balance between giving false assurance on one hand, and looking doubtfully at everyone who professes Christ on the other hand. It is possible to do this and we need the Lord's grace and wisdom in it.

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